Sunday, January 23, 2011

Grandbaby #3

Baby Jack was born on MLK day, this past Monday. 6 lbs. 4 oz., 19" long. He has some blond fuzz, he has a perfectly tiny round head, perfect little nose and mouth, and is just the cutest thing you've ever seen; well...along with his 2 yr. old sister and 20 month old cousin of course. :)

So was the 3rd time around just as exciting as the first? You bet it was. And this time, instead of sitting in the hospital waiting room, I got to take care of our granddaughter. She talked to me, sang to me, played with me, directed me to her house when I got lost momentarily in the dark, prayed with me at bedtime, read me stories. SHE entertained ME!

When I visited baby Jack in the hospital, fully intending on getting plenty of time holding him, instead I watched in awe, as his sweet big sister displayed her motherly instincts, by insisting on holding him. I can share my time with her...of course. It was delightful to watch her hold him, cuddle him, softly touch him, speak softly to him, kiss his little head, and THEN, when the nurse came in to take him away for another blood test, I watched this sweet little granddaughter display her protective mother bear side of her, that all of us women have toward our children, as she broke out into a full-out sob, crying out to the nurse, "NO...BRING MY BABY BACK!" She would not be consoled for the longest time, UNTIL...her mommy pulled out a Snickers bar. Oh yah, we're SO related!

I had two precious days with my granddaughter, and then to top it off, to come home to my little grandson, who currently lives with us, and he comes upstairs and sees me, breaking out into the biggest grin ever, then says "HI" and runs towards me, well that's just cream on top with a cherry and extra chocolate.

Whether it's grandchild #1 or #21, does not; WILL not matter. It's just sugar and spice and everything nice!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Heart leaps for a reserved way

My sister texted me tonight and told me she went to sacrament meeting today with her husband. My heart jumped to my throat. Dare I hope for her reactivation? My sister can not be pushed to do anything she doesn't want to do, so I have learned to "be there" for her when she has questions, but I have to keep my feelings a bit in reserve so I don't push her away with my exuberant reactions.

I know there is a lot of good in this world, a lot of good in other faiths, a lot of happiness that can be found. I also know that there's even MORE joy and happiness to be found in the faith I have embraced my whole life. I love my sister so much, that I just want MORE for her too. heart is happy with her choice today, but still just a bit reserved. I'm holding back so I'm not disappointed if things don't progress for her. But I am also filled with hope.