Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday night highlights

Every Tuesday night, I go out visiting women in my ward. Most times one of my counselors goes with me. We visit the young, the older, the sick, new move-ins, those in need of help, or whoever we feel may need a visit. It never fails, that no matter how hectic and chaotic my day may have been, tempting me to cancel visits for the night, I am ALWAYS uplifted by those visits. I don't know that we're doing a thing for anyone else, but it lifts my spirits every...single...time. Tuesday nights is my favorite time of the week.

Tonight was devoted to visiting some of the older women. Sometimes those women feel forgotten; all used up; no good to anyone; but I feel differently. As we ring their doorbell, we wait for what seems like a long time before they open the door. I can see in my mind's eye, how they slowly manuever themselves, sometimes using canes or other aids, to safely make it to the door without falling. Sometimes they're a little breathless when they answer. Then they open that door and look up into our eyes, and break into the biggest smile you ever did see. We could've interrupted their dinner, or whatever else they may have been doing, but they set it all aside to visit with us. They are overjoyed to have us there. As we talk, they share life stories and experiences, and as they do so, their love for others always comes through. They shine with the light of Christ.

They will NEVER be forgotten. They have set the examples for which we try to follow. Their shoes are the shoes we try to fill.

Nearly three years ago, I started doing this each week because I felt it was my duty, part of my calling. Not anymore. Tuesday night is the highlight of my week.