Friday, June 29, 2012

You matter

Sometimes I think my life is too boring to write about, so I've let a lot of time pass without posting.  I won't try to play catch-up at this point, but will just pick up and move on from here. 

This past Sunday I attended missionary farewells for three young men.  I was touched by each one of their talks and I was moved to tears more than once.  Not too long ago these young men were little boys, playing with my son, and now they're all grown up, talking about and teaching things that we as parents, teachers, and leaders, have tried to instill in them over the years.  Now they dish it back out, and I re-learn. 

Several great principles were talked about that day, but the one that has hit home with me the most is a message shared by my son's best friend.  He was on the high school football team and he talked about how everyone focuses on, and cheers for the one who makes the touchdown.  Have you noticed how many players are out on the field?  They each have a job to do, and yet the only one really noticed is the one attempting to make the touchdown.  If the others don't do their job, the touchdown won't happen.  The other players really don't get much recognition, and yet they shouldn't expect to; they just need to go out there and do their job as best they can. 

He likened this to whatever we do in our lives.  We can't all be in the spotlight, nor should we be.  There is no job more important than another.  Whatever we do, we need to put forth our best effort.

I am happy to be in the background, not noticed, and yet that does not give me the excuse to be a slacker.  I still have a job to do, and it makes a difference.  However I choose to fulfill my role, does affect others.

I watched a movie tonight that I've seen many times; The Help.  I love it, and it always gives me so much to think about, and I love the line that Abeleine says to May Mobley; "You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important."

Those are my thoughts for tonight.