Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween fun

I got to experience Halloween with grandchildren for the first time (they were too young last year), which is better than ever because I didn't have to be the one to stress over costumes or anything.

Our little grandson was dressed as Superman. He has discovered my treadmill and wanted to walk on it. We turned it on its' lowest setting and he walked and walked and walked, with his cape flowing out behind him. Cutest thing ever. Unfortunately, he didn't get to trick-or-treat because of the weather and a sick Daddy. He's too young to know what he's missing, and he's such a happy little boy with anything and everything. What a delight!

We went to our oldest son's house to go trick-or-treating with our granddaughter, who is almost 2 years old. She was dressed as a bunny. She was so tickled with her own costume that THAT could've entertained all of us all night long. When the weather cleared enough for us to venture outside and start the door approaches, she hopped down the sidewalk, just thrilled as could be. At her first house, when that first piece of candy landed in her bucket, her eyes got huge and she stared at it with a look on her face that registered pure joy and awe. It was the cutest thing ever. She jabbered and talked all night long, from house to house, enjoying seeing other kids dressed up, and seeing the fun and creative decorations on porches and windows and trees. She was enthralled. At one house, she was given a dumb-dumb sucker. As she was walking down the stairs, she pulled it out of her bucket and said "I don't want it". The very next house gave big suckers and she took that one and said "THAT'S a GOOD sucker!" So funny.

My daughter-in-law's parents were with us tonight too, so here were two sets of grandparents, and the parents of this one little girl, parading down the street, acting as though this little girl was the cutest, the smartest, the best little girl out there. (And she was.)

I love the constant reminders these little ones give us, of the simple joys in life. It doesn't take much to make them smile and laugh and be happy. Oh the lessons we learn from them.

I love my family!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Call

The mission call has come. Our 3rd missionary to serve, is going to the Mexico Veracruz mission. He will enter the MTC in Feb.

It's interesting to reflect on each son's mission-call-opening. I really had no idea where any of them would be called to serve, except that with the two older boys, I had a feeling it would be in the states, and for this son, I had a feeling it would be OUTSIDE the states. Regardless of where they serve, the focus must be on what a mission is all about. It's not about where you get to go, or what sites you get to see, or if your destination is "cooler" than another's. It's about serving the Lord, and bringing the gospel to those who are waiting for those blessings in their lives. It requires faith in the Prophet and the Twelve, who are inspired as to where each boy needs to serve.

As each of my sons, in turn, read their letter telling them where they would serve, their expressions were all different, yet priceless. Son #1 got a big smile on his face and he had a glow about him. He couldn't stop smiling. I cried. Georgia would be where he would serve. It felt right, and SO good. Son #2 broke down in tears. He was overcome with the fact that the letter was signed by the Prophet, stating that he was worthy to serve a mission. It didn't matter where, although he too, felt Florida was right for him. And I cried. Son # 3, broke out into exclamations of joy and excitement, with his blue eyes expressing all he felt. And I cried. I, along with each boy, received a confirmation that THAT was where he truly needed to go. What an incredible, great feeling that is.

There are many great adventures and experiences in store for my son, but what I look forward to the most, is seeing that light that is in his eyes now, get even brighter, as it surely will, as he discovers his love for the people and a deeper love for the gospel and the Savior, than what he already feels now.

This will be a great time in his life. I love it!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another missionary

My son's mission papers are on their way to Salt Lake. We should find out by the end of the month where he will be called to serve.

We have been looking forward to this day for a little over 19 years now; teaching him, leading him, loving him, started making preparations last December, working on the paperwork since the beginning of summer, and now all we have to do is wait for the call.

When he told me about this last step being completed, and that everything is on its' way, I couldn't stop the tears from forming. What is my problem? This is a GOOD thing; something we've always hoped he would want to do. We have two other sons who have served missions and we know the blessings that come from serving in this way and how much this experience builds character and makes a man out of boys. There's so much good that comes from this, and changes from here on out. Changes are good, but change is change. I lose a piece of my little boy.

I'm not ready to say goodbye, yet this is what a mother must do. We can only nurture and protect for so long. I love this son of mine, and love the one who gave me this son, so...I will send him on his way with faith and love in my heart.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Duel to the End!!

After "losing it" last night and gorging on pizza and doughnuts and soda, I realized how quickly my summer of good habits can go out the window. It scared me because I do not want to undo all the good I did during the summer. So...I challenged my sister to a duel.

We started today, Oct. 1st, with a resolve to not eat sugar for one year. We've got Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas to get through, but it's not like we'll NEVER get our favorite treats again EVER, and it's time to take action and not just talk about it.

I could never do this with any of my friends because we're too forgiving. If we slip up, we tell each other it's OK, that we deserved that treat. I need someone to push me. My sister is extremely competitive. She is strong and immovable when she has her mind made up. I never thought I was competitive myself, but when I'm with her and we play games, she wins more than I do and it really ticks me off. And then she gloats about it, which really riles me up. So, I knew she would be the one to do this challenge with.

I texted her this morning with my proposal. She jumped all over it, and said "I'm In...starting NOW" and she proceeded to throw away 1/2 a candybar she had in her desk at work. (I thought "crap...I've unleashed a monster!"

Throughout the day, we've come up with other ideas. This first month is no sugar, then on Nov. 1st, we have to add something to the list, and here's where it'll get dicey. We get to choose what food to eliminate for the other person. We know each other's favorites too. We'll add a new thing each month. We're going to save what we know is the hardest thing, for the last month. Her's is coffee. She's gonna die (well, I hope not literally, and I hope that my evil plan will actually help her be more healthy).

We're also putting a little bit of money aside, intended for the winner, but we're both so determined to win, that should we both make it to the end, we're going to have a sister get-away, using the money we've set aside.

I'll report each month on the new thing that was added to our list of no-no's, and hopefully by being accountable to you, I can be a winner. My sister is determined to "kick my butt" and she's already calling me "LOSER".