Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grocery Shopping

I LOVE a full pantry and refrigerator. Once a month, we get to do a larger grocery shopping spree than the rest of the month. I love making out a menu, making out a grocery list for several stores, including Sam's Club (love to shop there); I love the shopping itself; husband coming with me; we grab a bit to eat and make a day of it. I even love the preparation that needs to happen before shopping; cleaning out the fridge, pantry, washing everything out, reorganizing. Then to come home with the groceries and restock our kitchen, just leaves us all feeling rather rich. It'll be tight to get the rest of the bills paid, but seeing full cupboards is a very satisfying feeling.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I got to spend some wonderful one-on-one time with my 21 month old granddaughter, Hailey, last night and this morning. She was here til bedtime, then she and I drove to her house in Eagle Mountain so she could sleep in her own bed, then back this direction this morning to drop her off at Breanne's so I could go to work.

That little girl was so happy and jabbered the entire time. It wouldn't have surprised me, had she continued talking in her sleep. We talked, sang songs, read stories, cuddled, and shared kisses.

You do not tend grandchildren, expecting to have a relaxing time. You don't get "breaks", including potty breaks. She reminded me of my own children following me EVERYWHERE! When it's your is NEVER annoying. Every moment is precious time.

During our 40 min. drive back this direction today, she said to me "sing it Gma", so not knowing what song she had in her head, I started singing The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round, and she started giggling hysterically. I didn't know if I was singing off-key, or had the words wrong, or the verses mixed up or what, but she couldn't stop giggling, then like shutting off a faucet, sobered and proceeded to sing a solo of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, then I Am A Child Of God, then the ABCs. That was the most enjoyable trip I've taken in a long time, and ya know what song is stuck in my head now, thinking of this sweet little girl? You Are My Sunshine!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Defending my beliefs, with love.

In preparation for a lesson I will be teaching next week, I asked my sister what it was that led to her rejecting the religious beliefs we had grown up with. In recent visits, we have avoided the subject of religion, not wanting to offend the other. But tonight the walls came down and we both shared our innermost thoughts, while expressing love for each other. While I was able to understand how she felt, I also understood on a new level why I believe the way I do and I wanted to share that with her. In the sharing, I strengthened my own beliefs as I told her of some personal experiences of my own that let me know without a doubt, that what I believe is true. I will never deny my faith. I would never want to force what I have on someone else, but rather I want to share. The happiness I have in my life, is not just for a select few, but is meant for all to enjoy. While she may not agree with me, I love my sister, and will continue to love her for who she is.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Ever since Katie Couric became a spokesperson for prevention of colon cancer by getting a routine colonoscopy, I knew when I turned 50 that it was something I just had to do. The "prep" for the procedure isn't as bad as some have said. The trick is to get the lemon flavored magnesium citrate, NOT cherry or grape. (The nurse gave me that tip.) AND, chill it first. It's fizzy like soda pop and tastes like a generic brand of soda, only pretty strong. I did fine with the first dose. The 2nd dose was a little harder to get down, but it was OK. It did upset my stomach and I found that rather than needing to be CLOSE BY a toilet, I needed to pretty much stay put ON the toilet.

I did sleep from about 2:30 am to 5:15 am. Got to the hospital by 6:00, but had to "empty" again. I was so worried I wasn't cleaned out enough, even though I should've been. I didn't want them to send me home, saying I needed to try again another time. I was also worried about being covered up properly. When it was my turn, I was told to roll to my left side. I was adjusting my gown and blanket so as to cover myself completely and wrap it all around me like a mummy. I'm sure the nurses were laughing inside themselves, knowing in about 2 min. they'd be undoing what I had just so carefully done. My nerves had also caused my blood pressure to rise quite high. But they quickly gave me the medicine to make me sleepy. They also give you a "forgetful" drug. What the heck do they do to you that you have to forget? Isn't the drug that puts you to sleep enough? I don't get it. But I won't complain. I guess I don't want to remember anything. I was watching the monitor, wondering how long it would be before I became drowsy and next thing I knew, I was waking up with Terry beside me. I was done.

It only took 15 min. and we were home 2 1/2 hours after arriving. The Dr. pronounced me clean, no problems, and I don't have to repeat that procedure for another 10 years.

I think it's so important to do what we can to take care of our bodies. I for one, would like to be on this earth, enjoying my family and friends, for as long as possible, and I will do all within my power, to make that happen.

I did allow myself to indulge in some "cheat" food tonight, which I haven't allowed in a while, but the pizza didn't taste nearly as good as I had anticipated. Kinda made me sick. Back to my healthier choices tomorrow. I feel so much better eating that way. I must add though, that the chocolate I allowed myself tonight tasted WONDERFUL! THAT won't ever change.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


So, I went to the Tuacan in St. George with my friend Michelle, and we saw Tarzan. I LOVE the productions at that theatre. The setting itself is awe inspiring. It's amazing what they accomplish on stage and above our heads. In this case, flying monkeys, AND Tarzan himself!

The actors were all incredible, with amazing singing voices and great acting. It was not cheesy at all, just really wonderful.

Then there's Tarzan, in a class all by himself. Every muscle on his body was rippling. His legs were massive in muslces. I could not keep my eyes off of them. His biceps also captured my eye, and the way he was able to pick up Jane with such ease. I was really appreciative of the human body. I have never seen so many muscles prominent on one person at one time. Our bodies are amazing things and are made to be able to DO so many things.

OK, so yes I was drooling. Why is it OK for men to appreciate women but if a woman expresses appreciation about men, it's considered "sick"! Then I read the bio of Mr. Tarzan and he's a young kid with a baby boy of his own. And I'm drooling over him? He's young enough to be my son. SICK!!

Monday, July 5, 2010


Painting a room does not erase the memories. My daughter left when she married 7 months ago, but I had yet to touch her room until it became necessary. We now need the room for someone else, so we started by painting it. I could not bear to take down a poster she had hung on her ceiling a few years ago. I told Terry to leave the poster there. I need that one reminder to stay there. That one little thing brings back all kinds of memories. My little girl is a woman now, but she's still my girl and I love her so very much.